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REACH IPA, (as a division of SCAP Inc., a Medical Corp) headquartered in Burbank, CA was founded in response to the two major issues facing the Behavioral Health industry today:

First, in-patient residential rehab facilities, along with outpatient facilities that have existed for years and rendered services based strictly along the social or 12 step model, are now struggling to integrate the medical care model into their programs that is now not just the standard of care, but warranted by all insurance carriers. REACH IPA is able to solve this problem by providing direct medical care through its seasoned and highly trained physicians that understand the importance of merging the medical and social models.

Second, there is another major issue facing the industry. Insurance companies are now legally mandated to provide comprehensive behavioral health and substance abuse programs to all their patients. While this is definitely important for the wellbeing of patients, due to the poorly regulated Rehab industry, there is very little barrier to entry for Rehab centers into the provider pool. In other words, there are a lot of unscrupulous centers behaving unethically both in regard to patient care and in the way they seek reimbursement from Insurance companies. This has caused behavioral health to be the most expensive sector of Health Care. More money is spent on behavioral health than any other specialty in healthcare. With the majority of these facilities being out of network, and charging fee for service and daily fees, they treat their patients as a lucrative commodity and try to continuously cycle them in an out of their centers to charge astronomical fees to the Insurance company.

REACH IPA has found a feasible, fixed, cost effective solution to this crisis. Let us help your managed care organization, HMO or IPA minimize your Behavioral Health costs and provide your patients with quality care.


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